CBSTRAD, your partner for a wide range of translation, localization and multimedia projects.

Thanks to my experience and academic training, I am adept at serving the needs of both individuals and organizations such as large companies, SMEs, tradespeople, merchants, associations, clubs, and contractors.

puce Companies

- Localization (translation) of websites

- Software localization

- Translation of various documents (contracts, brochures, specifications, reports, catalogs, manuals, training material, letters, etc)

- Localization of metadata

- Monolingual or multilingual web design

- Corporate Design (corporate identity, logos, business cards, brochures, forms, stationery, etc.)

puce Individuals

- Translation of legal documents

- Birth certificates

- Marriage certificates

- Death certificates

- Diplomas



I have an extensive network of professional partners, which also allows me to manage larger projects, wether in terms of volume (number of translated words), languages other than English, French or German, or special requirements (search engine optimization, image database creation and management, photo and video production, etc.).

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